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PROJECT: ZΞRO is a futuristic rock music project with a distinct film score sound. The project creates immersive futuristic visual and music arts for its fans around the world. The project will also exhibit a science fiction cinematic film series called, The World of Z and will use the project's own music as the film's official score. This project will resonate themes about Life, Love, and Death.


is a science fiction show about a captivating journey of a protagonist named Zero and his plea to save his home planet from an impending doom as he persist to reverse a political plan that can only be resolved in the advanced planet called Z. This political plan is to carry out a massive planetary wide migration of strategically chosen entities to begin a new civilization away from the threats of the ongoing conquest of war caused by the voids. With little time in hand, Zero then went on a mission to find President Jericho, planet Z's current sovereign authority and convince him to reform this political move to save his home planet, Solaris. But he was abruptly sidetracked by a person named, Prime Envoy Ermac who happens to be the leader of Planet Z's reconnaissance project called the New Horizons Mission. This mission is to scout for a habitable planet to house the civil migration. Prime Envoy Ermac then negotiated with zero to join this mission and must succeed in exchange for an opportunity to speak to President Jericho. Zero then conducted this mission with a team of chosen agents that will help him maneuver through this treacherous undertaking. They will have to enter a mega structure that serves as a vessel that projects a powerful neon light beam towards a target planet. This mega structure is called the Equinox and is utilized to travel through space faster than the speed of light. But this technology have an interesting caveat, an equinox can also project you to a target planet as a holograph which means you don't have to necessarily physically travel to a location but safely explore the planet as a projection. Through this technological mechanism, you get disintegrated into a light form that binds into a native planetary host then get birthed in the target planet with new physical body and consciousness. This phenomena is called Synchronization. Once the synchronization process ends, you may reinforce your previous state's memory piece by piece through an anomaly caused by these equinox beam that creates a zone wherever it hits a planet. Entities that are projected via an equinox are called Hybrids. Zero and his team are considered as hybrids or anyone that utilizes an equinox to project into a planet. The first season of the series will bring the viewers an immense psychological thriller, drama, and action packed story lines that are parallel to our dilemmas here in Planet Earth. The series will also introduce a very unique take on dreams and how we utilize the mechanism of sleep as a form of memory reinforcement and cognitive recovery and how both hybrids and natives of Planet Earth utilizes a special type of sleep mechanism called Lucid Dreaming and how it is connected with the anomaly that the equinoxes emit every time it hits Planet Earth. The story unearths as Zero finds his way to survive in Planet Earth. He will grow as a human, experience life as a human, and live through the whole Earthly human life cycle. He needs to find a way to reinforce his previous memory of the new horizons mission and must find his team that was scattered all over the world after the synchronization event. He must persevere through Planet Earth's natural and human made cataclysms, navigate through the undying thirst of powerful countries and organizations to govern and conquer, and see through the lies and deception this new world brings along with the arrival of unexpected characters and mind altering events that will shake this epic dystopian sci-fi story upside down to its core. Time will tell. But for now, Zero only have one story to tell and have one mission at heart, and that is to save the only home he loved dearly.

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