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PROJECT: ZΞRO is a futuristic rock music project with a distinct film score sound. The project creates immersive futuristic visual and music arts for its fans around the world. The project will also exhibit a science fiction cinematic film series called, The World of Z and will use the project's own music as the film's official score. This project will resonate themes about Life, Love, and Death.

Z - 02.png

Time is ticking. The existential chaos and anxiety rises. Zero fled his home planet abruptly without a trace and must find President Jericho. He got caught in a cross fire in the sands of Argon and mysteriously got transported by the rebels elsewhere. The story of Zero begins when he opened his eyes and wakes up in an unfamiliar apartment. By the looks of it outside, it seems like he is in a high floored tower that overlooks a busy technological city. He looks at the clock and the phone rang exactly at 3:00 equestrian time. He then answers that important call that will lead him to the galaxy palace where all of the governing authorities reside. He then meets up with an insider named, Prime Envoy Ermac, the commander of the reconnaissance division of the new horizons mission. Ermac wants Zero to save President Jericho's daughter and unveils the operation of the mission and made a deal that if Zero joins this mission and is successful, he will lead him to President Jericho.

GREY - Twisted Fate.jpg

The mission: new horizon is a reconnaissance mission to scout for a distant habitable planet. This mission will consist of the best agents of Planet Z. Prime Envoy Ermac will then send Zero and the team to travel to Planet Earth via a holographic technological vessel, a universal network of connecting quantum satellites called The Equinox.

GREY - Holographic Vault.jpg

The Equinox is an advanced technology originated in Planet Z and is widely utilized as a vessel to travel through space as a hologram and render its passengers digitally within millions of light years away with ultra decreased travel time. When one travels inside an Equinox, that person's physical form transforms into a neutral quantum state, a rare type of light beam that travels across the universe. The passenger will lose an entire memory of its original state while travelling and will be transported with a new consciousness in the target destination. Once the holographic state matures physically in the target planet, the passenger may or may not eventually regain its original memory depending on the gradual reinforcements caused by this rare phenomena called lucid dreaming. These dreams are caused by the de-synchronization of the technology hence why it sometimes can feel very vivid or muddy. Depending on the body's response, it will help the passenger reinforce its original memory. When the beam hits the target planet, it binds with the planet's magnetic field and the particles (also touted as the soul) begins to bind directly into a superior intelligent living entity called a host within that planet. Through that process, it will simulate the miracles of birth and creation through a normal earthly reproduction process. Zero and the team are then birthed as humans with consciousness and their lifespan is greatly similar among the natives of Planet Earth.

GREY - Vault.jpg

The equinox was built intelligently within thousands of years and it connects into multiple satellites in different directions at once to avoid disruption of the synchronization. There's also another way to use the equinox. That is to teleport physically into the targeted location but by doing so will run the passenger an ultimate risk of getting stuck in that planet without recourse of acquiring another Equinox to beam back.

GREY - Ghost Particle.jpg

Zero's genetic makeup will enable him to see these particles beaming to and from the skies of Planet Earth. This is what makes the story a bit interesting since he already have a special reinforcement (A term that defines how a passenger will collectively and gradually regain memory of his current state) Zero then reaches Planet earth, and will be birthed through unsystematic randomization, as a human.  He then develops and grows to choose the path of a musician and will be known as the vocalist of the futuristic rock project: Z3RO. He will then must find his team around the world and must survive the challenges of this new terrain and must influence humanity to advance into acquiring a technology that will grant them access to an equinox. They must succeed the wars and the politics of the world stage, the human made and natural disasters, and the ultimate inevitable destruction of Planet Earth. They are the last hope of the mission: new horizon. They are the A-team called, Z.


Planet: Earth, is considered among the safest haven within its neighboring galaxies. Therefore, it is not just the Exonian galaxy that are looking into terraforming Planet Earth but also these neighboring galaxies that utilizes their own version of Equinox to beam their scouts towards this very special planet. Among the billions of earthly entities lies a special kind of humans, a hybrid holographic entity called "a universal scout".


 This is where the story of Project: One begins. 

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