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Zero: name derived from the digit 0 which is the fundamental system of each universal information, was born in the depths of the darkness in the most unknown and isolated part of the universe, The Great Void (Boötes Void in reality). After the galaxian war, a seeker fled him out of the great void to survive the doomed galaxian conquest and snuck him into the city of light called, Lux, a major capital kingdom in the home Planet, Solaris. Zero have a strange dark cloud with tiny thunderstorms showing on top of his eyes, a sign of a dark genetic ancestry he posses. The royal family of Lux raised him and became their biggest weapon against the evil of galaxian conquerors because of his distinct genetic make up. They tried to bless him with a Luxian veil to expel the curse (dark cloud on his eyes) and remove his ancestral’s dark cursed power, but all it did was suppress the darkness, just like how light emits darkness in the systemic law of the universe. The royal family then decided to give him a chronox (glasses), a technological accessory that suppresses dark energy) to prevent the vengeful souls from spilling into the universe.


Maximus originated from the motherland of Eden. He was ousted from his community as a young boy and he takes all of his anger and rage out by becoming the greatest warrior of all time. Through his isolation and solitude, he works tirelessly to gain strength through his suffering and overcome his obstacles. Maximus is known for his super strength and intellect, while also having a magical bow that is capable of turning his enemies to ashes.

GREY - Maximus.jpg
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