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 1. Songwriter Copyright (Lyrics, Melodies, Structure) 2. Recording Copyright (Studio Recording, Composition, Arrangement)

The founder is the only songwriter and song producer of the band. The core identity, distinct sound, and growing fan's preference towards the music of the band heavily relies from the music construct, ability, and execution of the founder. However, In order to enforce fairness and positive collaborative work, the founder will share the privilege of royalties and credit to each band members and collaborators. The founder will own the songwriter copyright and the band members/collaborators will own the recording copyright.

1. Mechanical 

Royalties generated for the physical or digital reproduction and distribution of copyrighted works. This applies to all music formats such as vinyl, CD, cassette, digital downloads, and streaming services.

2. Performance

Royalties generated for copyrighted works performed, recorded, played or streamed in public. This includes radio, television, bars, restaurants, clubs, live concerts, music streaming services, and anywhere else the music plays in public.

3. Synchronization

Royalties generated for copyrighted music paired or ‘synced’ with visual media. Sync licenses allow the right to use copyrighted music in films, television, commercials, video games, online streaming, advertisements, and any other type of visual media.

4. Merchandise

Royalties generated for the production of tour merchandise. This type of royalty applies to copyrighted band materials directly from the tour e.g. T-shirts, LED Glasses, Caps, etc.


Everyone will sign a "Credit" contract after the production of a song to officiate the credit and royalty share in paper.

Mechanical: 25% Songwriter / 25% Management / 50% Band Members

Performance: 25% Management / 75% Band Members

Synchronization: 25% Songwriter / 25% Management / 50% Band Members

Merchandise: 25% Management / 75% Band Members

 Why 25% on Management? 

The management is responsible for the execution of company operations, budget, internal band operations, external business operations, and overall business of the band.

10% - Band Manager

5% - Staff (Lawyers, Booking Agent, Company Staff, Live Show Staff, Studio Engineers)

5% - Band Operational Fees (Copyright Registration and Renewal, Website Maintenance, Marketing & Sales, Video Production)

5% - Live Show Expenses (Back-line, Sound Engineers, Stage Production, Stage Costumes, Stage Props)

Total of 25%

We don't grow money on trees. We need to pay for the things that makes up our success.

The Voting Rights

This project is not a session work since we grant the right to vote in all decisions of the band so you can control your career. 

The founder, the band members, the investors, and the management team have the right to vote (based on percentage) in every aspect decisions of the band. This will ensure stability and balance of power within each department of the company.

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